5 Tips For Secure Passwords

Nowadays, it seems like we need a password for everything. We have become almost dependent on technology and therefore need electronic passwords to stay secure. It is unfortunate that there are many dishonest people who are always looking for ways to steal from others. You never want to be lackadaisical when it comes to choosing passwords. Here are some helpful tips that keep you safe and secure!

Keep It To Yourself

There are some passwords that you simply just have to share with others. For example, your coworkers may need to know your computer password so if you are ever out a day and they need to get something important off your computer they can do so. However, something like your bank password should never be shared with anyone. This includes family members and your closest friends. You should not trust anyone when it comes to your important passwords.

Use Capital Letters, Symbols, and Numbers

Make your password unusual as possible so they are virtually impossible for someone to guess. However, you don’t want to make it so obscure that you will have a difficult time remembering it. If you can, try to include at least one capital letter, one symbol, and one number.

Make Them Long

A password should always be at least eight characters long. However, the longer they are, the more secure they will be. There are some experts that actually will argue your password should be at least 12 characters in length.

Don’t Reuse The Same Password

It is human nature to want to reuse the same password over and over again. There are many people who do this without realizing how dangerous it can actually be. For example, if you use the same password for everything a criminal who discovers your computer password, they may try it again at your bank.

Be Careful Where You Store Them

Writing your passwords down somewhere is not a bad idea; however, be careful where you store that piece of paper! Either hide it in a place nobody is going to look, or lock it up somewhere.

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