5 Reasons Your Business Should Still Have a Landline

As advanced as technology has become and as important as mobility is to business operations, there is still great importance in having a landline for your office. As much as your employees and team members rely on mobile devices, landlines are still the backbone of business communications inside the office. Here are five reasons you should keep your landline service for your business.


Many factors can affect the strength, reliability, and coverage of wireless networks. If you happen to enter a dead zone, you’ll find it difficult to engage in effective and clear mobile communication. Landlines are much more dependable and consistent. This includes for both internet access and telephone communication.

Ease of Use and Access

When offices use phone networks that rely on landlines, it’s much easier to acclimate new employees and expanding workforces. Also, multiple people can use the same phone number rather than having to purchase and assign several mobile devices for many people.

Lower Overhead

With the speed at which mobile technology advances, your current device is outdated as soon as you take it out of the box. Mobile industries are constantly working on upgrades even as new ones are rolling out for consumer purchase. That means that you’ll find yourself having to update your mobile technology to keep up with the capabilities of your business associates. The costs of landlines are relatively low, and the hardware remains usable for sometimes decades at a time without the need to upgrade.

Less Commitment

Most plans for mobile devices include signing a contract that keeps you locked in for a set amount of time; often for two years or more. If the employee that uses that device leaves the company, you’ll still be responsible to the terms of that contract. At the most, you’ll sign up for a bundle package with landlines, but the financial and time commitment is much less.


Landlines don’t come with many bells and whistles. This means that there will be fewer distractions for your employees when it comes to business productivity. They are straightforward systems that allow you to focus on business operations.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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