4 Reasons to Switch to Hosted Phone Solutions

In a world full of competition, gone are the days businesses relied on traditional technology and remained at the top of the game. With that in mind, the role of an effective phone system cannot be overstated. And the hosted phone system has come as a game-changer in the communication sector.

What Are Hosted Phone Solutions?

A hosted phone system, also called Virtual Private Branch Exchange PBX or Voice Over Internet Protocol VOIP, is a setup where telephony is done through the internet. 

Easy To Install & Maintain

The traditional phone system’s setup was time-consuming, complicated, and costly. Additionally, a hosted phone system, on the other hand, avoids all of these issues.

A cloud-based system’s installation and setup are both done online, so no one needs to come to your premises to get you connected. As a result, it’s less expensive, making it ideal for small organizations or those with remote workers.

In addition, the use of a hosted phone solution decreases your company’s dependency on support staff or service technicians to execute phone system upgrades and maintenance.

Cost Savings

When organizations shift from traditional phone systems to hosted phone systems, they often save money. They are cheaper to install and run, and their monthly expenses are typically lower and more predictable. Most importantly, there are no equipment acquisition costs with hosted systems. 

When companies switch to hosted solutions, they eliminate some costs associated with traditional systems. For example, because all phone calls are routed through an Internet connection, no additional lines from the local phone company are required. Thus, with just minor additional costs, hosted systems can handle almost infinite phone numbers and extensions. 

Furthermore, support costs are significantly reduced if not eliminated because the system is monitored and maintained remotely. Long-distance expenses are eliminated with a hosted system because there are no additional fees for calling anywhere in the United States. In addition, international calls are significantly less expensive.


Hosted phone systems come with a variety of enhanced call capabilities that help staff work more efficiently. Automated attendant capability, for example, allows a virtual receptionist to deliver business information, greet customers, and direct them to the correct mailbox 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call routing plans can be customized to fit the needs of small enterprises.

Call forwarding and the ability to add, transfer, and remove extensions are among the other features. A web browser or an app is used to manage the system quickly. Voicemail can be accessed via the internet, a phone, or an email address. There are also advanced conferencing features accessible.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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