4 Advantages of Managed Ethernet Switches

The main difference between a managed and unmanaged ethernet switch is that managed ethernet switches provide more control. As a network grows and becomes more complex, it will require more capabilities to manage it effectively. To offer a simpler explanation, managed ethernet switches are also known as intelligent switches. With that in perspective, you already have some great incentive to investigate further into the benefits of utilizing a managed ethernet switch. Read on to learn more about some of the advantages of managed ethernet switches.  

Better Management and Troubleshooting

Managed ethernet switches provide the ability to manage diagnostics and monitor network performance. Without these capabilities, it becomes incredibly difficult to control the network. These abilities also aid with troubleshooting, especially for industrial applications. With fiber small form-factor pluggable (SFP) monitoring, automatic warnings can be sent to your email or log system.

Optimized Network Traffic

With the ability to inspect and survey traffic flow comes the power to better control and optimize it. Managed switches provide access to information regarding data being transmitted to and from each port. With that knowledge, you can create a system of grouping for your devices. This type of grouping, otherwise known as Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), directs the ethernet switch to “listen” network multicasts, delivering the traffic to available ports.

Virtual Local Area Networks

Managed switches provide the ability to create and program Virtual Local Area Networks, otherwise known as VLANs. Regardless of the physical location, multiple VLANs can be managed with a single connection. To simplify network management, Tag VLANs are assigned to specific ports with all users being members of the same VLAN.

Security Access

Managed ethernet switches do a great job at controlling the communication that flows through a network. It breaks it down by only allowing necessary communication to flow through, and only when it’s needed. By limiting access to trusted devices only, you can prevent users from creating unauthorized sub-networks.   

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