3 Signs Your VoIP Phone System is Hacked

VoIP phone systems are reliable and offer various businesses many unique phone features. Harnessing the power of the Internet, VoIP phone systems connect your business communication with and through your wireless network. However, just as your network can get hacked without the right security measures in place, your phone system is just as vulnerable to this type of attack. This leaves your conversations and data insecure, and can potentially cost your company thousands of dollars of toll charges. While instances of businesses getting their VoIP phone system hacked may seem rare, and you think it could never happen to your office, it’s best to know a few of the warning signs. 

Irregular Call History

Regularly reviewing your VoIP phone system’s call history could reveal if any unusual or suspicious activity has been taking place. These could be phone numbers or phone calls you don’t recall making. If your company does not deal with international clients, phone numbers to or from foreign numbers could be a red flag. Check and see if any calls were made during after-hours or over closed business days, such as weekends or holidays. Your employees should be discouraged from making non-work related calls from their business numbers to make catching these irregularities easier.

Sudden Increase on Your Phone Bill

Hackers tend to place calls to toll numbers from your phone system, which can rack up outrageous charges by the minute. You should be able to catch these calls if you check your call history frequently so you can inform your service provider or phone system administrator about the unauthorized calls. If you suddenly receive a telephone bill with a steep increase, but your operations have not changed all too much, it may be a sign your VoIP phone system is hacked.

Webcams and Microphones Automatically Turning On

VoIP enables seamless conversations to be conducted over phone calls, voice chat, video calls, and more. While workers can connect with colleagues and clients through webcams and microphone equipment, hackers can access these devices and spy on your organization. Hackers can collect confidential information and use it to harm your business or for their financial gain. If your webcam and microphones are activated without your permission, your VoIP phone system could be compromised.

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