3 Benefits of Structured Cabling

Before we jump into the benefits structured cabling can provide to your business, let’s review what it is. A structured cabling system is a complete cabling and hardware infrastructure system for managing telecommunications services, like phone lines or internet connectivity. It takes on a higher degree of cable management service by creating a simplified and comprehensive cabling system throughout a building. Instead of direct endpoint-to-endpoint cable connections, the wires and hardware are connected through centralized patch panels and trunks.

So how can this vital telecommunications service improve your business’s performance? 


Using structured cabling cuts down on business costs and technical complexity. A key to staying organized is simplifying whatever processes and systems one can. A straightforward and unified system that manages a business’s voice and data cabling needs mean less money put towards managing and maintaining a complicated system. Using structured cabling equipment means there isn’t a need for multiple — or at least, excessive — cables and wires to manage.  


Structured cabling systems are built with adaptability and growth in mind. Generally, these systems can support very high bandwidth. Whatever your company needs, from video conferencing to high volume calls, you can rest assured it can support all your current functions with limited disruptions, and room to accommodate more features! Being able to continuously add or upgrade your telecommunications needs without an overhaul of your current cabling system saves your business so much time and money. Furthermore, when your company outgrows your current building, moving your cabling system and reinstalling the network infrastructure is more approachable than relocating a more complex, traditional cabling system.

Less Downtime

Unorganized cabling makes it difficult to identify and resolve errors. Also, disorderly cables are likely to cause confusion and mistakes in the initial installation process. When a situation occurs, and your phone lines go down, troubleshooting the correct hardware takes more time if the staff needs to sort through a jumble of cables. Your voice and data cabling systems are more reliable when the infrastructure accommodates faster and easier repairs.

Voice and Data Cabling Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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