Why Your Business Should Consider Ethernet Switching

As your business moves further and further away from traditional internet hook-ups towards a large number of wireless-only users, and as your business uses more wireless and wired devices than ever, Ethernet switching is more of a requirement than ever. How can you determine what Ethernet switch is the best choice for your business?

What is Ethernet Switching?

Ethernet is a way to move data around wired (or plugged in) networks. It determines how exactly data is transmitted as well as how devices connected to the same network locate each other and transmit data to and from each other. Now that there are so many devices, many businesses suffer from Ethernet congestion. Ethernet congestion occurs when too many connected devices are trying to talk at once, so network performance as a whole suffers and varies wildly. Ethernet switches work by learning the physical address of every device that is connected to them and sending each device only the things addressed directly to it.

Why is Ethernet Switching So Great?

Ethernet switching allows many networked devices to exist that belong to the same employee or occupy the same workspace and use applications like video conferencing that require a great amount of data and rely on a stable and quick connection. Ethernet switches allow all of the moving parts of your business to quickly and reliably connect to each other and help your business operate smoothly every single day.

What Should You Look for in an Ethernet Switch?

Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing an Ethernet switch for your business:

  • Speed—You want to make sure that your Ethernet switch can handle the tasks that you need to perform in your office.
  • Density—Especially if you are not yet using voice over Internet protocol for your phone service, you need many ports available, so a high port density with a lower baseline power pull would be right for you. However, if you do use VoIP and require a lot of constant Internet access for applications, you will still need a large number of ports and access points.
  • Software Defined Networking or SDN—If you are just now upgrading your Ethernet switch, you should purchase one that is SDN-ready, even if you are not yet using SDN technology.

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