Why are Telephones Still Important for Business?

With the growth of technology and new modes of communication, businesses have been leaving the old ways behind and embracing the future. There’s no doubt that expanding customer service into new digital technology is good for your business and important in a modern economy. However, face-to-face meetings and telephone systems still play a critical role in your business and its commitment to customer service. Those that argue that telephones are outdated overlook the positive impact that human interaction has with clients.

Giving your Company a Voice

The internet and email are very beneficial for business in the customer service realm, but so is interacting with your clients vocally on the phone. Businesses that rely too much on the internet to interact with their clients may see that their clients are frustrated at not being able to talk to a real person when they need to. Having telephones goes hand in hand with the digital realm in providing great service.

The Internet Has Not Been Universally Adopted

While it can be hard to believe, the truth is that the internet is not used by every single person and business. Just because a potential or existing client doesn’t have access to the internet doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to your company. The overwhelming penetration of telephones ensures that every customer has the ability to reach you.

Conference Calls

Telephone conference calls are still very useful in a modern business environment. They are cheap and formal ways to have meetings with clients and are more productive than having an email chain or online meeting. Participants can have clearer discussions as a result.

Communication is Easier

Good businesspeople know that proposals, data, and services are just one part of client interaction. Body language, tone, and vocabulary are just as important as these. When you meet with a client or talk to them over telephones these elements come into play, creating better communication and an overall more positive experience for both you and your client!

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