What is a PBX System?

Here at Delta Intellicom, one of our services is maintaining and monitoring an office PBX system. This system is one of the most important pieces of a functional, efficient office. What is a PBX system, you may ask? Time to find out.

Connecting Your Entire Office

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and it is the hardware that controls the phone lines and extensions of a company. It manages inbound and outbound calls as well as exchanging calls between internal phone extensions. It is, in effect, the central hub of your intra-office phone system. The PBX system is usually stored on-site at the office either in a closet or a back room. Using a PBX system gives a company the ability to have one central phone number with extensions for every employee. This saves on a company’s monthly phone bills by letting employees share phone lines.

Some of the features of PBX phone systems are: virtual receptionist, automatic call forwarding, a dial by extension directory, ring groups for departments, call recording, hold music, call waiting, conference calling, call screening, and voicemail to email technology.

Different Variations

PBX systems have different kinds of variations that can be tailored according to the unique needs of a particular company. For instance, PBX can be combined with the benefits of VoIP to create what’s called an IP PBX phone system. This PBX system works over the internet as opposed to traditional phone lines and is more cost-effective for smaller businesses. It allows employees to connect to company phone systems anywhere as long as they can access the internet and is great for companies with employees who work from home.

Although PBX systems are usually located on-site, offices with limited space capacity can opt to have their system hosted off-site. A hosted PBX system routes call features to your company’s phone through the internet and can save money. In addition, hosted PBX systems are more easily scalable, making it an appealing for companies experiencing growth or seeking to expand in the future.

Delta Intellicom Can Maintain and Monitor your PBX System!

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