What are the Benefits of an Overhead Paging System?

Delta Intellicom Overhead Paging System
An overhead paging system makes it easy to send out important notices while also adding a level of security to your business.

Overhead paging systems can be a great addition to your existing communication and security system, regardless of your business or facility size. These systems are incredibly versatile and can be used for various needs, like interdepartmental notifications in a warehouse or office building, authorized personnel access in a hospital or apartment complex, or even background music in a department or grocery store. So, how can an overhead paging system benefit your business? Here are a few reasons!

Why Would an Overhead Paging System be Good for Your Business?

Makes Communication Easy

Overhead paging can make communication between your departments or announcements easy and quick. There are many customization options, so these systems are great for sharing a message with a specific department, and it’s just as easy as sharing it with the entire building. From helping a client or vendor navigate quickly through your facility to making a birthday announcement for your employees or just letting customers know it’s time to close. 

Added Security Measure and Crime Prevention Tool 

If a security breach or a fire breaks out in your building, there is no faster way to alert everyone than an overhead paging system. Many systems also have talkback capabilities, where once an announcement is heard, someone can quickly call the operator and get extra help or support if needed.

Limiting Access to Authorized Persons

Security is always a top priority, whatever your business or facility type. Restricting access to the general public is a great way to ensure that only invited guests have access to your space. With an overhead paging system, your team can be alerted that someone has arrived. Using a talkback feature, they can have the person identify themselves and state who they’re visiting, and your team can authorize access. Elevators can also be fitted with overhead paging systems, so the elevator will not move unless the person has authorization. 

Overhead Paging Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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