What Are IP-PBX Systems?

If you’ve purchased a PBX phone system or private branch exchange phone system, in the past few years, chances are it’s actually an IP-PBX system. If not, it may be time to look into replacing your traditional PBX with a more modern IP-PBX system. What are the differences in this newer telecommunications technology from its predecessor, and more importantly, what benefits can it serve your business?

Traditional PBX

Let’s start our explanation of what IP-PBX systems are by reviewing the traditional PBX system. PBX systems feature on-site hardware that receives incoming calls and places outgoing calls. The system connects to a landline so your hardware box can manage the various switches, adapters, routers, and phone sets plugged into it that distribute calls. The equipment is purchased and owned by the enterprise that uses it, which means they are also responsible for any maintenance needs. If your organization already uses this type of system, you’ll know that it makes sharing a phone line within your business very easy by assigning private lines via extensions to multiple users.

What’s New?

“IP” stands for “internet protocol,” which means the IP-PBX systems are capable of using the Internet to facilitate both voice and data communications. IP-PBX users can use this phone system with access to the Internet and employ both traditional PBX and VoIP communications. Moreover, traditional systems had limits on the number of outside telephone lines and internal devices/extensions. With IP-PBX systems, the physical hardware no longer limited internal and external phone lines as the calls could be made over internet connections.


Clearly, the upgraded technology opens up users to a bevy of features that previously only VoIP or cloud phone systems could support. Basic PBX systems served the fundamental functions to keep medium-to-large companies in communication with each other and with their clients. This includes creating connections between users, maintaining long phone connections, and providing insights to generate analytic reports for whatever reason. Modern IP-PBX phone systems are well-equipped to handle call forwarding, transfers, holds, and logging. Furthermore, these phone systems can execute more complex phone functions that have become a standard in many of today’s industries, including digital receptionists, voicemail to text, call recording, conference calling, and more!

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