VoIP Security Tips

VoIP phone systems are powerful tools for your business. Unfortunately, security breaches are becoming more common in small businesses throughout the country. Taking several small steps to make your VoIP phone system more secure will deter potential disasters from occurring.

Stop International Calls

Do you do a great deal of international business? If the answer is no, consider blocking calls to and from international numbers. Many times, these VoIP calls are spam designed to bill you significant amounts without you knowing it. If you end up working with an international business, you can always unblock calls from their specific number or unblock calls from their country.

Proactive Monitoring

Proactive monitoring is the single most effective way to protect the security of your VoIP phone system. Keep an eye on traffic and set the alarm or notification system up to alert you when traffic suddenly spikes or stops altogether. Notifications can be configured for a variety of unusual events including calls to places that have never been called before, calls during off hours or when your business is closed, or more repeated calls than normal.

Shut It Down First

If you are suspicious of any traffic on your VoIP phone system, it is always better to immediately stop traffic and deal with the consequences later. If you leave the line open, you could be in trouble for a large amount of money very quickly. If you shut the line off, the worst case scenario is briefly irritating a customer who was calling without nefarious purposes.

Use IP Whitelisting

VoIP phone system hacks are on the rise, but limiting incoming calls to a safe list of IP addresses can boost your security a significant amount. The downside is that all callers will need to be on your safe list to get through. However, when contrasted with the enormous sums of money businesses can lose through a compromised VoIP phone system, it seems like a minor inconvenience.

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