Video Conferencing Steps for Each Call

With today’s telecommunications technology, conferencing with business partners, clients, and team members has never been easier. Video conferencing has changed the way businesses communicate, and has saved plenty of time and money for many companies. Video conferencing allows a large or small group of people to connect without needing to travel, or even come into the office. In order to participate in video conferencing properly, there are a few steps everyone should take.

  1. Dress professionally for the camera. While you may be participating in the call from your home, you should never dress sloppy when video conferencing. Dress as if you are meeting for the conference face to face.
  2. Determine how your camera works before you participate in the call. You will appear unprepared and unprofessional if the conference is delayed because you are unable to work your camera.
  3. Be sure to create an event in your calendar that includes video conferencing links and codes for everyone involved to access. This will allow everyone to be prepared and will cut down on unnecessary e-mail threads.
  4. Be aware that you are being watched at all times when video conferencing. This means avoiding looking disinterested or distracted. You would never answer a text while sitting in a conference room, so never answer one during a video conference.
  5. The mute button is not a bad thing. If the conference reaches a point where you are not necessarily required to participate, mute your audio so background noise doesn’t interfere with the conversation.
  6. Check to ensure your camera angle is centered. Having an off centered camera can become distracting and unprofessional.
  7. Before starting your discussion, be sure to establish a successful connection with everyone involved. Be sure that everyone can be seen and heard before diving into the purpose of the conference.
  8. Never be afraid to have your face and upper body fill the screen. Having a wide camera angle means everyone can see your office or room, which can become distracting.
  9. Take advantage of screen sharing when participating in video conferencing. This allows you to share documents and other information to those involved in the conference.
  10. Check your lighting before participating in the conference. Too light or too dark can become distracting and unprofessional while also taking away from the point of the video conference.

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