Utilizing VoIP for your Small Business

Competition between small businesses is at an all-time high with the economy still being in a questionable state and consumers being more frugal than ever. Because of this, many small businesses are searching for ways to improve their business and increase staff productivity. One of the ways this can be accomplished is through VoIP services.

VoIP Features for Business

  • Entry Buzzer- VoIP allows you to create a lock and speaker system for your main doors. This means that in order to enter your office, the visitor must be buzzed in. This can help eliminate disturbing solicitors while also adding a level of security to your office.
  • Call Routing- This feature is helpful for team members on the go. Call routing allows you to send a call to different numbers before it reaches your voicemail. You can list your mobile number, office number, and even home number if necessary before allowing the call to be sent to your voicemail. This increases the chance of the client being able to reach you, which can increase customer satisfaction.
  • Voicemail to Email- This feature transcribes voicemails and sends them to your email. This ensures that your messages are received and understood efficiently.
    Hold Music- If you have to place a client or customer on hold, it’s best to have something for them to listen to as they wait. This feature of VoIP allows you to choose the music your clients listen to while on hold.
  • Call Screening- The caller ID feature with VoIP allows your staff to screen incoming calls. This helps to avoid solicitation calls, which can cut into productivity.
  • Menu- In order to have calls directed to a certain team member, this feature allows you to set up a menu with a list of services and extensions. This is not only convenient, but professional as well.

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