Updating your Phone System: What to Consider

Technology is constantly evolving, which means businesses are constantly working hard to keep up with the latest developments. Between new internet features, the latest applications, and even new phone services, businesses have a bevy of options to choose from when it comes to communication. One of the systems that might need to be updated for your business is the phone system. New technology has brought new options when it comes to a phone system, and businesses must consider a few items in order to stay relevant. Keeping an old phone system can keep your business in the dark and prevent your business from moving forward in your industry.

  • You must first determine what kind of phones your phone system provider supports. If you purchase new phones that aren’t supported, you will be left with an outdated and ineffective phone system for your business.
  • You must also determine if the technical support will be available for your growing system as well. If IT support isn’t available during downtime when issues arise, your business could suffer from the lack of communication available.
  • An understanding of your current phone system contract is also necessary when updating your phone system. Determine if your contract will penalize you for making changes before you decide to make a purchase or change to your system. This can also include any additional charges as you add phones or phone lines to your business system.
  • Determine if your phone system will need to be hosted off-premise or in-house. An off-premise hosting option can sometimes be more helpful for larger systems, but can come with hidden fees attached.
  • Check with your phone system provider to determine if you are eligible for custom options as your update your system. Adding applications, voicemail options, and other phone options can help take your updated phone system to the next level for your business.

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