Types of Phone Systems

Every small business needs a responsive, effective, and adaptable phone system to be able to get the job done. There are three basic types of phone systems on the market for small businesses, and choosing the right one is an important part of your entire network set-up (especially if you choose a VoIP phone system). Here’s what you need to know about the three main types of phone systems available to small businesses.

KSU Phone Systems

These phone systems are the most basic types available. They are based around the Key Business telephone system that uses Key System Units. KSU phone systems are ideal for small businesses with less than 40 employees working as phone operators. KSU phone systems are very easy to use and work similarly to a traditional home landline. However, they are not very portable or flexible in their usage.

PBX Phone Systems

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems are more advanced than traditional KSU phone systems. These use programmable switching devices to automatically direct incoming calls. PBX phone systems can be used in small businesses that have more than 40 employees and they are much more automated and hands-off. PBX phone systems also come with uninterruptible power supplies so that your business can continue answering the phone even when the power is ou

For a modified version of the PBX phone system, you can use a hosted PBX phone system. Instead of the switching device being installed on-site, the device will be hosted by a telephone provider. This is a way for you to avoid installation and maintenance costs and still enjoy all of the features that PBX phone systems have to offer.

VoIP Phone Systems

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. These are incredibly advanced systems that allow clients and phone operators to communicate with each other quickly easily without needing to be in the same country. All that your small business needs for a VoIP phone system is an internet connection and a computer, making it ideal for small businesses of every size.

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