Tips for a Smooth Transition to a VoIP System

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is just one fantastic way to keep your business modern and competitive. It’s a low-cost solution that offers a heap of benefits, though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare beforehand when transitioning to an all new system like this. A VoIP system is worth upgrading to but you want to keep certain ideas in mind when taking on the transition, otherwise you may experience disruptions or other setbacks.

Prep Your Network

If you want a quality VoIP system, you need a good network to go with it. VoIP traffic uses the same connections that your data transmission does, which means that if you have slow internet, you may get poor call quality as well. Taking a good look at your networking beforehand can prevent issues down the line. Run a speed test to evaluate your network. A single VoIP call on an HD codec can use up to 100Kbps of bandwidth. If you have many more calls going on at one time, you’ll need to be able to handle them all. A network upgrade may be in order.

The Right Gear

These days, there are so many options when it comes to VoIP technology. There are all kinds of phone sets and features, that can offer you benefits like transferring voicemail or call waiting. Features such as these can be great but you need to have compatible equipment to take advantage of them. Talk to your VoIP service provider, who can typically offer a list of compatible handsets and any other peripherals you may need.

Prioritize Traffic

Remember how your VoIP performance is dependent on your network? This also means that you need to think about how your VoIP service may compete with your other network needs. Networks can be prioritized such that you can split off your VoIP service such that it has its own segment of your network capacity, meaning you won’t experience sudden drops in quality. You could also use a QoS (Quality of Service) setting, which helps prioritize your traffic and prevent congestion.

Determine Deployment

It may seem obvious but deciding how you will actually deploy your new VoIP solution is key. You want everyone to be on the same page, understanding what use cases will be solved, what protocols will be in place, and what kind of support systems you have in the event that something goes wrong.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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