The Harm in Used Phone Systems

Like many things today, phone systems can be purchased by businesses either brand new or used. However, when you purchase a car or home used you are given the chance to learn about its history. A car comes with a report on accidents and damage that has occurred over the years while it was in the possession of a different owner. A home is inspected and insurance companies can tell you any natural disasters or other damage that has occurred since the home has been built. But when it comes to used phone systems, new owners have no real way to learn the history of the system.

Because of this, you could be purchasing a used phone system that has several issues without being aware until it’s too late. The best way to ensure you are purchasing a safe and functional phone system is to purchase your new system through a trusted and reputable manufacturer or distributor. If you don’t, you could be faced with the following issues:

  • Warranty- While you may be purchasing a used phone system, you may not necessarily be purchasing the warranty for the system. When this happens, you are left with potentially costly repairs that a warranty would typically cover. You are also forced to try and find replacement parts on your own without the help of a warranty, which means your system might not function properly because of the poor parts.
  • Support- Even the newest phone systems can experiences problems and malfunctions. While you typically have a tech support team to fall back on with a new system, a used system might not come with IT help. This means your business will be left to suffer through the downtime of a malfunctioning system, which can lead to a serious lull in productivity.
  • Functions- A used phone system might mean an older model of phones, which can create a problem with functions. Older systems didn’t have the same functions as we have now with newer systems, which could lead your business to feel outdated.

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