The Benefits of VoIP When Working from Home

Even though vaccinations are becoming increasingly common amongst the American public, many office workers are still working remotely at this time. VoIP systems for a long time were primarily used in office settings or call centers as an added measure of call security and quality. However, since many have moved from their office chair to their living room couch, VoIP systems needed to be adapted to working from home. While many people simply rely on their home or favorite coffee shop’s WiFi connection for higher security or confidential phone calls, it is simply not an option. Thankfully, most VoIP phone systems have transitioned to Cloud-based over the years of development, so they are easy to use and manage when not at the office. Here are just a few of the many benefits VoIP systems can provide for your business while employees are working from home. 

VoIP is Built for Remote Working

Thankfully, VoIP systems are part of a system made for calling customers and clients remotely, so there is no need for any physical, in-person contact. As long as a phone that uses a VoIP-based system is brought home to the call center employee or representative, then there is little need for any physical meetings between rep and customer. All of the features of VoIP systems are also available even from home while using the system, like call recording and monitoring, as well as routing and advanced voicemail systems. 

VoIP Can Run on WiFI

As mentioned earlier, having an at-home WiFi connection is pretty much a living requirement in this day and age. And thankfully, VoIP systems can function just fine over the use of regular WiFi connections used in a regular home. The only downside is that WiFi connections from home are likely not as powerful as one seen in an office space or call center. But thankfully, VoIP systems are made to adapt. In addition, most systems are encrypted to make sure there is little to no unwanted data being leaked between routers. 

It Can Be Managed Remotely With Ease

Managing office employees has definitely changed over the past year in 2020. Management used to be in person, physically watching employees and answering questions, likely done with physical files. Now, this is not really possible when all employees are not working under one roof. Luckily, VoIP is an easy system that can be managed remotely. Through this system, one can create monitorable tasks that must be completed by a certain date. 

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