Telecommuting: The Future of Business?

As technology continues to advance, the way we conduct business is beginning to change as well. Companies are doing away with the traditional methods of conducting business and branching out to allow technology to mold how business is run. One of the methods in the forefront of this new movement is telecommuting. Telecommuting allows successful communication between team members and clients without the need to be in an office. While some businesses are embracing telecommuting, others are still skeptical of the new trend.

While telecommuting may sound like a complicated concept to work into your business, it is actually quite simple and can bring several benefits to your business.

  • Productivity Improvement- Allowing your team members to telecommute can help boost their levels of productivity. While coming into the office is important to develop strong office relationships, there tend to be constant interruptions in an office setting, especially on hectic days. Allowing staff members to telecommute a few days of the work week gives them the opportunity to work without these office interruptions, resulting in more work being completed.
  • Cost Reduction- Some businesses have noticed the ability to save money through telecommuting. By creating a telecommuting schedule, businesses are able to use smaller office spaces. This means a reduction in rent, along with a reduction in energy bills and the cost of furniture.
  • Flexibility- Telecommuting provides flexibility for team members, which also boosts the overall morale of your staff. Team members that have the flexibility with telecommuting are more likely to come into the office when needed while also being happier and more willing to work.
  • Time- Those who have to commute to an office space can tell you how stressful the drive can be at times. Traffic and construction along roadways can make commuting to work stressful and long, which takes away from the time spent in the office. Telecommuting allows team members to take that traffic time and use it towards their actual work.

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