Telecommunication Predictions of 2015

As we continue on into the New Year, many experts throughout the telecommunication industry are beginning to weigh in on their predictions for the upcoming year. As the telecommunication industry continues to grow, we will be seeing different trends and focuses emerging.

Here are some telecommunication trends to look for in the New Year:

  1. Focus on Quality and Capacity- We will be finding more companies trying to find ways to not only increase the quality of their networks, but the capacity of their networks as well. The goal will be to have a higher capacity without sacrificing the quality of the network.
  2. M2M- There has been an obvious growth in use of smart devices to help keep team members and consumers connected. By the year 2020, it is estimated that almost 50 billion smart devices will be in use, many being used within the business community.
  3. 4G- There will also be a continuing growth in use of 4G networks to allow network access from any location.
  4. National Roaming- This is an area that is being focused on to improve. Sharing networks will help connect consumers and team members on a more global scale rather than keeping the connections local.
  5. Wearing Technology- Businesses should keep an eye on the growing market that allows your smart device to be worn rather than carried. Different devices are being introduced that resemble a watch, but can be used to access your network.
  6. Customer Value- Businesses are looking to increase the value they are offering to their customers on several different devices rather than one specific device.

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