Simple Practices to Secure Your Business Computer Network

Any business professional or telecommunications expert will tell you it’s highly important to secure your business computer network. With an unsecured network, all of your business-related data and communications could be susceptible to hacks and can easily be stolen by cybercriminals. Particularly small businesses that may not have the resources or know-how to protect their data from a cyberattack can find their business computer network rather vulnerable. However, engaging in a few policy changes and simple practices can bring more security to your business computer network.

Update Software Frequently

Plenty of your business operations or organizational structure is kept track of through different software. Even the anti-virus and malware protection programs you use also rely on software to safeguard your virtual systems. Therefore, you must update your software frequently to the latest version for optimal protection as well as performance. Older versions of software tend to have vulnerabilities in their code that hackers can exploit to access your business computer network. The latest patch from the developers should catch any of these weak points.

Offer Private and Public WiFi

Cybercriminals will try to access your network through your connected WiFi network. You must limit access to the WiFi network that you conduct your business through to be only available to employees. Keep this WiFi network private with a strong password, and preferably hidden by not showing the name to searching devices. If necessary, set up a secondary WiFi network available to those outside of your business operations, such as visiting customers.

Use a VPN

A VPN, or virtual private network, can encrypt your data and mask your IP address to prevent hackers from following your online behavior. This way, all of your browsing history, passwords, and other sensitive data that you and your employees would access for work can’t be tracked by others. Using a VPN may be an especially helpful tool for employees working from wherever on their own devices.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication Whenever Possible

Most sites or applications offer multi-factor authentication (or at least two-factor authentication). If your business programs have this capability, there’s no drawback to using it. The more ways you and your employees can verify your user ID before accessing your business files and data, the better. Multi-factor authentication is easy to set up for more secure web use, including accessing your cloud-based storage.

Train Your Employees

Your employees play the most considerable role in keeping your business computer network secure. Not all of your employees need to be IT experts, but they should be aware of network security best practices and use them often. Enforce training on proper log in-and-out procedures. Educate employees on how to spot suspicious activity, and protocols for how to respond to network threats. 

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