Reduce Costs with a PBX Phone System

Your business phone is the lifeblood of your business in many ways. While most businesses are seeing more and more of their business telecommunication shift to the digital environment, the phone still remains the easiest and most direct way for customers to interact with you to ask questions, place orders, and pay bills. Your business phone system handles a lot of the important work of your business, so you need to know that you’re getting the services you need and can benefit from them without spending way more than you need to. One way to do this is with a PBX phone system. PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, phone systems are business phone systems that allow you to create a private multi-line network within your organization but also allow each line to make and receive outside calls. If you’re considering a PBX system, you likely already know it can be more expensive than a traditional analog phone line. Let’s look at how to curb some of those costs to still get what you need without blowing your budget.

Compare Apples-To-Apples

When looking at your costs, you have to make sure you’re making a fair comparison. If you are comparing the cost of a new VoIP, PBX phone system to a single analog line, the price is going to be incredibly different. However, if you compare a new PBX system to a new or existing analog multi-line business phone system, the cost difference decreases significantly. You can’t compare one line to a network of lines. A PBX system isn’t for you if your business doesn’t need multiple lines. If you need them, PBX will not be much more expensive than analog in most cases, and you get far more benefits.

Don’t Pay For What You Won’t Use

PBX phone systems offer incredible features, including video calling, call recording, call forwarding, multi-line conversations, voicemail transcription to email, and more. Some of these features are also available on analog systems, but many are not, and the newest features usually are not supported or included in analog services. Additionally, as analog continues to become less popular, you will find that it becomes more expensive, harder to service and maintain, and more problematic. Technology is shifting towards VoIP, which will eventually be the standard.

Plan for Your Future

When you’re making this decision, keep in mind where you hope to be in the future. For instance, perhaps you only have ten employees now, but your 5-year-plan includes scaling up to 50 or 100. A PBX system is much easier to scale. Investing in it now could be the right move to be ready for growth later on.

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