Picking a Phone System for Small Business

Running a small business requires a ton of effort and coordinating many moving parts so that they all work well together. As a small business owner or employee, you know that communication is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping track of each other, customers or clients, and your community. Picking the right phone system is one of the best ways to increase and ensure communication, so how can you make the best choice for your needs?

What Do Your Users Need?

First things first, think of your primary users on both ends of the phone line—your employees and your clients. What do they need in their phone system? Your small business phone system should be designed to make everyone more efficient and productive, so where does the ball (or call) typically get dropped? Think about whether or not your small business could benefit from the following capabilities:

  • One phone number that rings on multiple devices at the same time—Great for businesses that need a central hub to put on business cards or advertising, like plumbing companies or call centers
  • Mobile softphones—These allow your employees to use their computers as phones, opening up a world of digital voice or VoIP capabilities
  • Video conferencing—Many small businesses that regularly meet or call clients can benefit from video conferencing capabilities
  • Automated attendant—This can skip some of the frustration of customers needing to hold before an employee can answer their call, eliminate the need for some calls altogether, or guide callers through steps to properly route their call
  • Paging and intercom—This is especially useful for small businesses that are on the bigger side, as you can easily and quickly communicate with other employees in a bigger space, warehouse, or office building

Reducing Costs

Small business phone systems have come a long way and are now a great way to reduce your costs on the IT end. Your communications package can be greatly simplified through various small business bundles that are available and put onto a single server for easier maintenance and greater security.

Delta Intellicom Can Satisfy All of Your Small Business Phone Needs

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