Is a Cloud-Based Phone System Right for Me?

Consider the business profile and needs of your company. Your business phone system should be versatile enough to handle the needs of your company, and professional enough to maintain the image of your business. Learning more about what cloud-based systems off may be the next step for your business.

Full Integration

Cloud connectivity is incredibly efficient, especially for those employees that have to leave the office frequently for business purposes. Cloud-based business tools allow for enhanced consistency in productivity with uninterrupted access to the necessary business platforms, including email, voice and video conferencing, instant messaging, and customer relationship tools.

Enhanced Control

With cloud-based phone systems, you are in total control over what features you use, need, and don’t require. Because these features aren’t tied to a piece of hardware at a specific location, employees will have access to all their calling features at any time and from any location. It allows smaller businesses the ability to operate like large corporations in their capabilities.

Improved Customer Service

With features like the virtual receptionist and the auto attendant, customers will always receive a timely response. Their calls will be directed to the appropriate department or employee. You can even create custom greetings for each department or employee. The system could also provide on-hold messages that feature special promotions or frequently asked questions.


Cloud-based solutions make business operations more efficient, by providing web-based customer portals. It also makes it a much simpler task to add additional features as your business needs increase. Call groups, for example, allow incoming calls to ring on multiple extensions. Call queues assist with managing the volume of incoming calls, which is especially useful during seasons for your business.


As the scope of your business changes, your phone system needs will also change. Cloud-based systems make it easy to scale your system down or up, depending on your needs. If you are hiring new employees or opening new offices, you’ll be able to add as many extensions as necessary to accommodate the increased business. Similarly, the process is simple for deactivating extensions that are no longer necessary.


When compared to other business phone system options, cloud-based systems are less expensive in monthly rates, helping to reduce the overall costs of business operations.

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