How to Write an eFax Cover Sheet 

Although faxing is thought to be a concept of the past, it actually is rather useful in certain situations. For instance, many companies that deal with high-security documents that need to be communicated to another location may not want to risk putting those documents out as an email in fear of hackers or unwanted privacy risks. Sometimes documents are not to be archived in a digital data library and need to remain physical only as well, which gives good reason to fax. This is a common situation in which faxing is still needed. One way faxing is still used is via eFax, a secure, fast style of faxing via a secure Internet connection on a single server. But many people using eFax service may have forgotten how to write a cover sheet for their faxed documents, which is used to identify incoming documents from a fax machine. This guide is developed to help you write a concise, informative cover sheet when using eFax services. 

What’s Included

As stated earlier, the cover letter first and foremost is an identifying page that helps people on the receiving end of the office recognize what the document is and who it’s for. Therefore, make sure to include several identifying factors on the eFax cover sheet:

The date and time (eFax adds this automatically)
The sending company’s name and contact information
Recipient person/company’s name and fax number
Number of pages in the fax report

There are also a few optional additions you can make to the eFax document, such as a short message, or a reference/index number of some sort for filing or archiving later. 

How eFax Differs from Traditional Faxing

One great feature of eFax faxing is that it automatically creates cover sheets that can be used again and again. All your company needs to do is fill out a template that eFax provides and fill in the blanks with the required information. This makes writing a cover sheet much easier and less time-consuming than writing a traditional way. eFax also provides ways to create and save customizable templates if your company requires a more in-depth or personalized cover page style.

eFax Cover Letter

A cover letter is ideal for fax systems that have a more complex message. Or perhaps the first time you ever send a fax to a new client. Basically, it should be a way to quickly identify what the message will include. A cover letter for faxing is a little different from the one you’d include with a resume. For example, a cover letter for eFax should only be two to three sentences long and only include very basic information. 

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