How to Prevent a Business Phone System Failure From Devastating Effects

Very few companies have a solid disaster recovery plan, and if they do, most have significant points of failure. It is important to be aware of communication breakdown remedies and how you can implement stronger ones so business phone system failure does not affect day-to-day functioning.

What Business Phone System Are You Using?

If your phone system is a voice-over IP platform, you’re in luck. VoIP systems have redundancy options. What this means is the platform incorporates sessions initiation protocol phone line support, which establishes sessions for features such as video conferencing, interactive gaming, and call forwarding deployed over internet telephony. This way, if phone systems crash, there are other mediums of communication that are readily available for use. Your customers won’t notice a thing in the event of a phone systems failure. VoIP phone calls are made over the internet, instead of analog telephones. Keeping your internet connection up in running will keep your business phone system from failing. If the internet goes down, however, how will you keep calls from being interrupted? Let’s take explore this a little more.

The Importance of Call Continuity

Implementing a telephone system which has call continuity features will keep calls from dropping in a complete systems failure. In the event of your internet and phone systems failing, call continuity automatically forward calls to designated mobile phones if internet services fail. Whether a smartphone or tablet, your business will be able to access all incoming calls while your connection is down. Not only will incoming calls be forwarded to chosen mobile devices, but all call features on voIP systems will transfer as well. This means you’ll be able to use settings such as caller ID, call forwarding, second call waiting, and the ability to transfer a call to another person. Call continuity will keep those intricate phone system capabilities up and working while you troubleshoot your connectivity issues.

Back Up Internet Service Providers

If one internet service provider goes down, having two will keep your business phone system up and running. One that provides service to VoIP phone systems and another that provides service to your internet connection is the best way to set up your backup internet service provider. If the internet service provider that’s supporting your VoIP system goes down, the VoIP system can automatically be switched to your backup ISP so that incoming calls are not interrupted.

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