How to Know if Your VoIP System Was Hacked

VoIP phone systems are becoming more popular, but so is hacking them! Securing your VoIP phone system is a serious matter, and phone lines being hacked and used for nefarious purposes is all too common. Here are some of the ways that you can determine if your VoIP system has been hacked.

You Don’t Remember Making Those Calls

This one sounds obvious, but a sudden spike of irregularities in your call logs is a good sign that your VoIP phone system has been compromised. Use geo limits to prevent fake calls and keep track of any odd calling patterns. If you are concerned about the security of your VoIP phone system (as you should be), you should require a multi-step authentication process before accessing the line. Keep your eyes peeled for any numbers you don’t recognize as outgoing or incoming calls.

You’re Getting Spammy Anti-Virus Messages

VoIP phone systems use the Internet to operate, so if you are receiving lots of spammy-looking antivirus messages whenever the VoIP phone system is being used it is a good sign that something is out of the ordinary. Once you are receiving these messages, a hacker has probably already entered your system and installed malware or another virus. Have your IT person address the issue and make sure that the antivirus software installed on your systems is up to date and running regularly.

Microphones and Webcams Are Acting Odd

Microphones and webcams turning on when they shouldn’t be is a bit distressing, to say the least! If you are having a problem with this aspect of your VoIP phone system, it’s an urgent sign that a hacker has compromised your system and is up to no good. Hackers often use webcams and microphones to spy on your activities and try to collect sensitive information, like credit card numbers or social security numbers.

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