How to Choose the Right Ethernet Wiring System for Your Company

The technology that you choose for your business now might not need to stay with you in the future, but it should be able to grow alongside you without major changes. The right Ethernet wiring system will be able to be easily added onto without much hassle, but the right Ethernet wiring system is hard to find! How can you choose the right Ethernet wiring system for your company?

Do You Own Your Building?

If you own your office building, use cat6 Ethernet cabling. If you lease your office building, consider the amount of time you are planning to occupy it. Does your network speed need to increase, or is it fine the way it is?

Do You Use PoE Devices?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices can include VoIP phone systems, cameras, door access devices, WiFi, and anything else that needs to receive a constant stream of internet access. Cat 6 cable (at minimum) should be used if you use a lot of PoE devices.

Do You Have a Manufacturing Company?

If you use a manufacturing company or an industrial facility, you need to choose Ethernet cables that are industrial grade. Working with hazardous materials can damage the outside of the Ethernet cable. Do you have a freezer or refrigerator? Both of these also necessitate you to have a thick enough sheath that the cable won’t be damaged or frozen.

How is Category 6 Cable Different?

Cat 6 cable is different from cat 5 cable, and not just in name. Cat 6 cables will be less error-prone when handling large amounts of data, so you won’t need to waste time transmitting data multiple times or end up with corrupted data packets. Cat 6 cables are almost always a better choice if you use the internet frequently and need to transmit large amounts of data.

Delta Intellicom for Your Ethernet Network Needs

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