How to Assess Your Call Center’s Performance

Your call center is likely one of the biggest drivers of your business. Even if you don’t use the call center to generate new business, a well-run and professional call center is the best way to retain business through good customer service that builds trust. When it comes time to assess how your call center is performing, there are several KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators, that you should be tracking.

Time To Answer

Also called Average Speed of Answer, or ASA, this KPI looks at the average amount of time it takes an agent to answer after the customer finished navigating the routing system or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and usually after queuing. Low ASAs lead to improved customer interactions since they get their issues addressed more quickly. High ASAs are typically the result of poor staffing or training. Service Level is a related KPI, which looks at the percentage of calls that are answered in a given (goal) timeframe, such as 20 seconds. If your goal is to have your ASA be less than 20 seconds, a high service level metric would indicate that your call center is achieving that most of the time.

Abandonment Rate

This KPI looks at the number of calls that are ended before an agent can address the issue for the customer. High abandonment rates are bad since they indicate that customers are not getting through (and likely going to your competition instead). High abandonment rates could indicate that your phone routing system is too complicated or that wait times are too long (possibly due to inadequate staffing). 

Hold Time

Once a customer connects with an agent, there may be a reason that the call needs to be put on hold. This KPI tracks the average amount of time a customer spends enjoying your hold music since longer hold times statistically decrease customer satisfaction and generate more call abandonment. If your average hold times are high, it might mean that you need better agent training or an improvement in your systems.

Talk Time

Similar to hold time, this KPI measures the average time an agent spends talking to a customer. Ideally, you want an agent to be able to solve a customer’s problem quickly and move on. While this isn’t always possible, agents should be able to meet a reasonable talk time goal most of the time. If they can’t, there may be an issue with the complexity of your systems or with agent training.

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