Growing Your Small Business: Wireless Network

We’ve mentioned before how your small business growth necessitates adapting to a business phone system. Upgrading your tools is one thing, but you also need to trade up for a more reliable wireless network to handle your small business’s data. If there’s one thing all good business owners know, it’s the value of enacting changes that will better the way they can serve customers and reduce their operating costs. So what exactly are the benefits of setting up a wireless network to support your growing small business?

Reduced Costs

Establishing a secure wireless network for your small business handles your voice and data communication needs. Your system can support all of your calls, emails, voicemails, faxes, video calls, and more. The actual hardware that enables your network are combined into one system installation, which means reduced costs for installing and maintaining all those capabilities. Consolidating your voice and data needs into one network helps you better keep track of this necessary business expense, and enables you to find ways to optimize your network use.


Managing and updating the system itself is easy. Adding additional applications is quick and cost-effective, meaning your small business can keep growing while your wireless network keeps up. As for your employees and network users, it’s easy for them to stay connected to the network and business data hosted there. Workers can remotely and securely access the business phone system and data network to stay connected and productive anywhere they work! This means traveling employees and teleworkers can keep in touch with the office, collaboration is secure, and staying in constant communication with team members, stakeholders, and customers is a breeze.


Employees can just as efficiently work from their computers, phones, or other connected devices! A wireless network lets workers access company databases from any connected device from anywhere. The access to your vital online business tools, such as customer data, improves your workers’ ability to conduct business. This keeps your company ahead of your competition and delivers exceptional, reliable service to your customers. Employees can switch between different devices as needed and can share information securely with their team members.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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