Factors Affecting Your VoIP Call Quality

Business today revolves around phone and internet communications more than it ever has before. The pandemic has changed the way we do business and increased our reliance on phones and computers. One of the main advances that have become available in the last few years is VoIP, or Voice over IP, which uses the internet for telecommunications traffic, a massive upgrade over traditional phones. While it is typically much better than traditional business phone systems, the call quality can still be affected by certain factors. Read on to learn more about factors that can affect your VoIP call quality. 


The biggest thing that can affect the quality of your VoIP service that you have complete control over is the equipment. If you won’t buy quality equipment, you won’t have consistent quality service. The equipment is doing the heavy lifting of converting your analog voice to a digital signal and then back again on the other side. If your equipment isn’t up to the task, your call quality will suffer. Where you put the equipment also plays a role. Some VoIP equipment can cause feedback and other issues as a result of being too close together. If your ATA router and your broadband router are side by side, for example, you may notice an increase in call disruption, echoes, and lost calls. 

Bandwidth And Network Issues

In addition to equipment, the other big factor in call quality is bandwidth. Since the telecommunication traffic is going through your IP service, it will have to share the bandwidth that you have with all of the other phones, computers, printers, and other electronics in the office. Increasing your bandwidth or decreasing the number of users on your internet service will fix the issue. Having excessive network load will make it more likely that you have packet loss over 5% and notice disruptions, like echo, in your VoIP service.


It may sound strange, but the weather can actually impact your call quality. During electrical storms, static electricity can accumulate and change the sound of calls that you receive. This build up is unnoticeable for other broadband traffic, but the voice signal does pick it up. If you unplug your equipment and plug it back in, that should solve the issue. If however, the weather knocks out your internet, your phones will be down too.

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