Face to Face: The Lowdown on Video Conferencing for Business

Welcome to the future. While we aren’t quite to the point of sending hologram messages, à la Princess Leia, we are getting pretty close, and might have surpassed that technology in some ways. We’re talking about video conferencing — a technology that allows us to communicate face-to-face with customers, coworkers, friends, and family without the need to travel to see them. With many applications, both commercial and personal, here’s why video conferencing for business needs to be a part of your company’s plan.

Why Video Conferencing Over Phone Conferencing?

Phone conferencing is great, don’t get us wrong. It helps people from across the building to across the globe get in touch and communicate as if they were in the same room. But here’s where it falls short. Studies show that around 70% of our communication is achieved nonverbally, and is far more accurate and representative of emotions than the words one uses. As such, video conferencing for business allows for some of this nonverbal communication through facial gestures and body language, which can decrease chances of misunderstanding and generally improve professional conversation. Additionally, video keeps all parties more honest in the conversation, as they know that everyone else can see if their attention were to start to wane, or anything similar.

Convening Conveniently

Face to face meetings used to require travel, whether down the hall or across the country. No more. More personal and usually more helpful than a phone call, video conferencing for business removes the hassle of travelling to meetings. You get nearly all of the benefits of face-to-face interaction without having to worry about the logistics and costs of getting there. “Getting there” is as simple as logging into your video conferencing software.

As great as video conferencing can be, it is still important to arrange for actual in-person face-to-face meetings. Digital technology is great, but shouldn’t replace human interaction when it comes to positive client and customer interactions.

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