Data Solutions: What Happens in an Internet Minute? (Part 2)

Welcome back for part two of last week’s blog post about what happens in an Internet minute. We appreciate you coming back for part two — or if you missed out on the first half, go ahead and click through that link right there. Last week we talked a lot about exactly what goes on in an Internet minute, and it turns out the answer is, simply put, A LOT. This week, we’re back to talk about how you can ensure that your business is equipped with the data solutions necessary to keep up with the absurd pace of the Internet. Here are our two cents.

Keeping Up with the Internet

We hearken again to the Internet of Things. It’s huge, and getting huger. A proper and speedy Internet connection is by far the most important thing to keep a business up and running at the pace of today’s Internet. That’s where fiber optic cables come in. Fiber optics hold a boatload of benefits over traditional (or should we say outdated) copper wiring. From speed and consistency to stability and durability, fiber optic data solutions promise to help you keep up with the speed of Internet. This is crucial not only for general clicking around a web browser, but also keeping your business’ own Internet of Things up and running — including Internet-based phone systems (VoIP).

Safeguarding Your Data

A few weeks ago we celebrated World Backup Day, but backing up your data is important enough to bring up again. All that data is moving through the Internet so fast — even despite the best network cables and technology setups and practices, failures are bound to happen occasionally. When it does, it’s important to have your data backed up so that when your system or machine gets back up and running, you can jump right back into that huge and rapid stream of data, right where you left off.

Data Solutions at the Speed of Internet with Delta Intellicom

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