Cyber Security Tips for Small Businesses

The internet comes with many conveniences, but cyber security issues also make the Internet risky. Small businesses hold sensitive information on cloud-based systems that hackers can retrieve without the proper protection. This problem not only affects employees but customers as well. Every company is responsible for creating a safety culture to improve that business while promoting consumer confidence. Here are a few vital cyber security tips that will benefit small businesses. 

Teach Employees about Cyber Security

Establishing basic security principles with employees is best, even going as far as hosting a cyber security course. Demonstrate behavioral rules on how to protect customer (and employee) information and other vital data. You should have a documented guideline that employees can (and should) review repeatedly. 

Protect Sensitive Data, Computers, and Networks from Cyber Attacks

We recommend keeping machines clean with the latest security software, web browser, and operating system to protect against viruses, malware, and online threats. Additionally, set antivirus software to run a scan after each update while installing other critical software updates as soon as they are available. 

Invest in Firewall Security 

A firewall is a group of related programs that prevent outsiders from accessing data on a private network. Ensure that you enable the system’s firewall or install free firewall software available online. If employees remotely, ensure that you provide them with work laptops or computers protected by a firewall. Additionally, a virtual private network (VPN) helps people stay private online, allowing users to hide their network information while safely browsing the web, regardless of location. 

Make Backup Copies of Vital Information 

It would be best for you to regularly update data on all computers, such as word processing documents, electronic spreadsheets, and financial, human resources, and receivable/payable files. If possible, back up the data weekly and store the copies offsite or in the cloud. 

Enforce Password Changes

Set up a system where employees have to use unique passwords with special characters to ensure they aren’t easy to guess. Furthermore, employees must change their passwords every three months and consider implementing two-factor authentication (2FA). It offers an extra layer of protection and minimizes breaches by prompting an employee to enter a verification code after logging into a platform. 

Encrypt Your Wi-Fi Networks

Encrypt, secure, and hide your Wi-Fi network by setting up your wireless account access point or router so that it doesn’t broadcast the network’s name (the Service Set Identifier (SSID). Also, protect access to the router with a password. 

We cannot stress enough that adhering to cyber security tips is vital. Hacks or security breaches can cost thousands and even millions of dollars to fix. Contact Delta Intellicom today for guidance on how to set up your small business network. 

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