Contact Center Trends Coming in 2023

While we have traditionally denoted the business call center in the past, the fact is that technology has pushed these operations into the realm of contact centers—where communication in all forms takes place. They’re not really centers anymore, either. Rather than being stationed in a facility, contact centers are now disbursed across the globe as remote work continues to be a preferred method for many businesses. There are a few notable contact center trends expected to take off in 2023.


Technology continues moving forward at a breakneck pace, and businesses will need to continue to adapt. The next generation of adults will be more tech-savvy than ever, and companies will need to be able to communicate with and engage this new demographic of consumers to achieve even higher success. One of the key components of this is the use of omnichannel. You might be thinking, “Omni-what now?” That’s totally fair!

Omnichannel in call centers means meeting the customer where they’re at by making sure you have open lines of communication in as many places as possible. Phone calls will continue to decline as people seek out easier methods of communication with contact centers, such as email, chat, and messaging options through social media. Beyond meeting the technology generation where they’re at, omnichannel also offers quick and easy access to a business’s contact center. If potential customers have to go looking for your contact information, they’re more likely to just not bother and take their business elsewhere.

Conversational AI

Another step forward in contact center technology is the increased use of conversational AI. This AI is critical for greatly reducing the strain on human employees in a contact center. In many cases, conversational AI is able to solve common and simple problems without human intervention, which can sometimes be preferable for younger consumers. It’s also cost-effective for the business, reducing the need for human employees in the contact center.

Remote Expansion

The pandemic changed the world permanently, pushing us into the era of remote business with a hard shove. In 2023, this remote expansion will continue for businesses across the world. Dispersing the workforce comes with many benefits, such as allowing for 24-hour service more easily, and effectively side-stepping issues such as outages where employees in one area are unable to work, but other areas remain operational. This also allows businesses to have a farther reach, potentially allowing them to go international with the right setup.

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