Conducting a Phone Conference Call

While video conferencing has become a major trend within the world of business, many companies still implement the phone conference call. If your company has a reliable phone system in place through Delta Intellicom, holding a phone conference call is easy and effective. However, it takes more than a reliable phone system to hold an effective and productive phone conference call. Here are some simple steps to take in order to hold a productive phone conference call:

  1. Agenda- Create an agenda for your phone conference call. Highlight the overall goal of the call along with major points that should be discussed. Pass out the agenda to the participants and ask for any input. Edit and e-mail a final agenda for your participants to have during the conference call.
  2. Time- Have a timeline created for the phone conference call. Gather your agenda and any notes you may have about five minutes or so before the call is scheduled. This will help you to be prepared and on time for the call to start.
  3. Location- Hold your phone conference call in an area that is quiet and comfortable. The best place within your office space to hold your phone conference call is typically a conference room. This ensures quiet and no interruption during your entire call while also fitting all participants comfortably in one room.
  4. Recap- At the end of the phone conference call, conduct a recap of your agenda and the notes taken during the call. This will ensure that nothing of importance was overlooked during the call while also reiterating the jobs and goals of each participant. Once the call has ended completely, type out a brief recap of the call to email each participant. This will provide everyone with a point of reference if needed.

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