Can Video Conferencing Help my Business?

Video conferencing has taken the business world by storm and it’s here to stay. While some more traditional business owners may not see the point or the benefits of video conferencing, other business owners are taking full advantage of this new phenomenon. Some benefits of video conferencing include:

  1. Video conferencing eliminates the need to travel. While meeting with a client or business partner is always best face to face, it often requires travel time for one or more parties. This means that time is spent moving from one place to another rather than being used to work on projects or contacting new potential clients. Video conferencing still allows a one on one communication setting without having to spend the wasted time traveling.
  2. Because the need for travel is reduced, so is the amount of stress your business are placing on our already struggling environment. Less travel means less greenhouse gases being released into our atmosphere.
  3. Video conferencing allows new staff members to be hired quickly while also allowing current members to stay connected either. Instead of taking the time to schedule and wait for interviews, video conferencing allows the interviews to be held quickly and efficiently. The interview can be saved and played back for review for those unable to attend the initial interview process.
  4. Being able to physically see team members while conducting a conference call can help with overall team productivity. Being able to use visual cues along with body language during video conferences will allow members to collaborate more effectively versus trying to talk over one another during a phone conference call.

In order to take advantage of video conferencing benefits for your small business, you need a video conference system you can trust. Delta Intellicom supplies equipment and systems for  small businesses  that allows video conferencing to take place with ease.

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