Benefits of VOIP

Whether you’re setting up a new office, planning a brand new business, or simply moving into a bigger or smaller space in the face of the still changing times of this pandemic, you’re probably thinking about your telephones a bit right now. If most of your experience has been with traditional style phone systems, you’re being faced with a lot of information and new options. The digital world almost exclusively requires digital solutions, and Voice over IP, VoIP, systems are a great digital solution to telecommunications issues facing businesses today. A VoIP phone system allows your employees to have access to your phone system without having to be physically present in the office. This is great for current work conditions that require working from home on a regular basis in many industries. Read on to learn more about VoIP and how it could benefit your business.


Let’s start with what will ultimately be the deal breaker for many businesses – price. Think again if you’ve not even considered VoIP because you believe it is too expensive to upgrade to new-fangled technology. VoIP can actually often be a less expensive alternative to traditional on-site PBX systems. VoIP tends to require less equipment and less time and expense to install and set up. These factors can save you money from the beginning, which means that you’re ahead of the game. Add to that the other benefits to your business that come with using VoIP and the cost of the service (which may not be all that much higher than traditional phone service anyway) feels negligible.


IF you are just starting up your business, or you’ve scaled back but you have intentions to grow again in the future, VoIP is the best option. VoIP systems make it easy to scale your telecommunications system as your business grows. It is as easy as simply buying additional handsets and VoIP licenses and plugging them in. You don’t have to run additional phone lines or add a new contract for additional lines. The system is designed to expand it as you need to.


VoIP makes it easy to give workers in more than one location access to the same phone system, without the costs that you’d expect. It used to be that a business with more than one office would have to pay to install a phone system in each location and it was complicated to have them all on the exact same system. With VoIP it is easy, whether it is multiple offices or simply all your employees working from their own homes.

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