5 Ways To Know That You Have Been Hacked

With the threats to cyber-security changing and growing on a daily basis, the potential to be hacked is high. While anti-malware and virus software does its part, often these cannot compete with the intense threats that exist. Knowing how to spot potential hacks and how to fix them is essential.

A Ransom Message Appears

One of the easiest ways to tell you’ve been hacked is if a ransom message appears. Sometimes this is accompanied by the real threat of your data being locked, other times the danger may be a false one. Regardless, this issue is easy to fix if you’ve been performing frequent data backups (which you should make a regular process). If you use a cloud storage system, be sure to contact them immediately to see what support they can give.   

Unwanted Browser Toolbars

If you notice a new toolbar on your browser, you may have been compromised. Often, these toolbars are low risk but can cause issues if not dealt with immediately. When you notice a new toolbar appears to check that it is not one you chose and then remove it asap.  

Redirected Internet Searches

As with the toolbar issue, if your internet searches are being redirected, you may have had your security compromised. Phony toolbars often cause this issue. Check for any new toolbars and remove them.

Frequent Pop-ups

Perhaps one of the most visually annoying hacks is the use of random pop-ups. While these are common of even legitimate sites, you may notice that there are more pop-ups if you’ve been hacked. They are not related to any of your websites or searches.

Ghost Social Media Invites

Social media and impersonation scams are nothing new. If you’ve ever received an email from a friend only to notice their email is a few letters off you’re already aware of how easy these scams are to fall for. Often, a ghost social media profile will be created, and then anyone who adds it will be sent bogus links.

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