5 Things You Should Know About PBX Systems

Telecommunications is an integral part of any working and growing business. Therefore, choosing an effective phone system to support your business operations is essential. With all of the options available, it can become overwhelming to learn and understand all the differences. To help with your research, here are five things you should know about private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems.

How They Work

PBX phone systems work with software that connects multiple lines. Instead of using an operator, PBX systems use a computer to switch calls from one line to the next within an office. An outside telephone service will then convert digital signals into analog.


Although the initial costs of installing a PBX phone system can be high, ultimately over time, they reduce your overall expenses. Because there won’t be a need for multiple phone lines or a dedicated employee to answer and direct calls, businesses will be able to save more money. This system is more cost efficient because they can expand as your company grows.

Third Party Host

By sending calls over an off-site network, the PBX system will cut costs because it combines telephone and data. A central server allows businesses to connect office phones without using a switchboard. This feature is especially useful for small businesses that often don’t have the time or resources to keep up with a more traditional phone system.

VoIP Upgrade

Combining the software of PBX systems with the internet protocol of VoIP creates an upgraded IP PBX system. Instead of being limited by the number of phone lines, the system will instead be limited by internet bandwidth. Businesses that rely heavily on telephone communication will benefit greatly from this upgrade. It also means that the phone system will be located in-house instead of having to pay a subscription.

Small Businesses

If the size of a business doesn’t call for a hosted PBX system, small businesses will benefit from the use of a virtual PBX system. This means that a separate company will take on the responsibility of housing and set up the exchange. Virtual PBX systems are also cheaper, but will less available features.

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