4 Questions to Ask About Your Office’s Headset Needs

There are many different headsets available for commercial telecommunications applications, but how can you tell which one is right for you? There are features designed for loud offices, high-security environments, and more. The first step in finding the perfect headset for you and your employees is to figure out exactly what features you need and want. Ask yourself the following four questions about your telecommunications needs to narrow your search for the perfect headset.

  1. What Style is Most Comfortable for You?

This is the first and most basic question you can ask yourself and your employees. Headsets come in many different styles: earhook, neckband, and headband, just to name a few. Some people prefer earbuds, while others absolutely cannot stand them. Choosing the most comfortable headset style is an objective and highly personal decision to make, so be sure to consult with any coworkers or employees for whom you are purchasing headsets.

  1. Do You Like to Move?

The next question relates to your headset’s wires. If you are mostly confined to your desk, a wired headset is probably just fine. However, if you like or need to move around your office while still connected to your headset, you will need a wireless model. Consult your trusted telecommunications professional to find out which wireless headsets can give you the best audio quality.

  1. How Sensitive is Your Information?

If your office deals with sensitive or confidential information, your average headset may not offer the level of security that you need. Some specialty headsets offer audio encoding and encryption. They differ in how they operate compared to traditional headsets, which creates more secure audio feeds. The experts at Delta Intellicom can help your business find the best headset solution to keep your conversations private and secure.

  1. How Noisy is Your Office?

Some headsets offer noise-canceling or noise-reduction features to help users focus on their calls. These features are especially valuable for offices that have open floor plans or large amounts of cubicles. Sales floors and call centers in particular can benefit from headsets with noise-reduction features.

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