3 Strategies for Contact Center Success

When your business uses a contact center for customer interactions, you open your company to more opportunities to create a positive brand experience for those customers. Having a successful contact center means your agents can play a more proactive role in establishing meaningful connections with your leads, and hopefully, convert to customers! There are certain strategies your contact center can use to enhance the call experience for your customers or help managers identify areas for improvement. In the following, we’ll examine three strategies for better contact center success.

Be Aware of Call Duration

Tracking phone call metrics come in handy when your business uses a contact center. After all, a large part of your agents’ job will be to handle customer communications via the phone. Depending on your industry and the department the customer call concerns, you will have varying call durations. 

It’s important to measure call duration by the department and by the agent. The departmental numbers should give you a baseline indication of how long most calls go for. Anything longer or shorter than the average could be signs of concern, especially if it’s a recurring issue for an agent. Long calls might indicate difficulties with satisfying the customer call, or other performance problems with the agent that could require more training. Conversely, frequent short calls may point to your other communication materials capturing weak leads.

Tailor to The Landing Page

Customers can initiate their calls to the contact center through your website’s landing pages. Having different landing pages helps with those searching for different answers or information from your company site since these pages are designed to present the user with relevant search results more quickly. Knowing that your customers or leads call through different landing pages lets you also tailor your agents’ speech and overall call experience to resolve a certain issue. This strategy could produce higher call satisfaction rates since the caller could receive the help they’re looking for more easily.

Use Call Recording Technology

Call centers and other businesses use call recording software, and so your contact center should too. By using call recording technology, you create call logs that can assist in training, quality control, and other research purposes. Today, securing call recording data has never been simpler yet reliable. These recorded calls could go a long way in ensuring your agents are adhering to call standards and other compliance measures.

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