Virtualized Deployments for ShoreTel Applications

ShoreTel offers flexible deployment options for its applications, including unified messaging and system administration. These applications can be installed on either physical or virtual servers, providing versatility to suit various IT environments. Deployments can be centralized or distributed, allowing customers to optimize their setup based on specific needs and infrastructure.

Physical Servers:

On-Premise: Ideal for organizations that prefer to maintain control over their hardware and data, ensuring compliance with specific security or regulatory requirements.

Data Center: Suitable for businesses that have their data centres and wish to integrate ShoreTel applications into their existing infrastructure.

Virtual Servers:

On-Premise Virtualization: Allows businesses to leverage their virtualized environments, such as VMware or Hyper-V, providing benefits like easier scalability, better resource utilization, and simplified disaster recovery.

Data Center Virtualization: Companies with data centre resources can deploy ShoreTel applications in virtualized environments, benefiting from the same advantages as on-premise virtualization.

IT Infrastructure: Assess current infrastructure to determine the best deployment model, considering factors such as existing virtualization platforms and hardware capabilities.

Security and Compliance: Ensure that the chosen deployment model meets all security and regulatory requirements relevant to the organization.

Resource Allocation: Properly allocate resources in virtual environments to avoid over-provisioning or underutilization, ensuring optimal performance.

ShoreTel’s flexible deployment options allow businesses to tailor their setup according to their IT infrastructure and operational needs. By leveraging physical and virtual servers, and choosing between centralized or distributed models, organizations can optimize performance, enhance scalability, and achieve cost efficiencies.