6 Reasons to Use eFax

The fax machine has been around for a lot longer than you probably think. It was invented way back in 1843, and even though many people think it has been replaced by email and the internet, it hasn’t. People still send over 17 billion faxes every year, because faxing information is secure, it is legally binding, and it is pretty convenient. When was the last time you saw a fax machine? Unless you have one at your business, finding a place to fax something can be inconvenient. And even if you do have a fax machine, there are other aspects of owning one that can be costly and inconvenient. For these reasons and more, many people have made the switch to eFax.

eFax Saves Money

A physical fax machine needs maintenance and will cost you money to keep functional. In addition to maintenance costs, you will also need to buy paper and toner. Finally, you also have to maintain a phone line for the fax machine, which many individuals and businesses don’t have anymore (having switched to services like VoIP). eFax eliminates all of those cost since you can send faxes electronically, directly from your computer or device.

eFax Saves Time

Using an eFax service will also save you and your employees time. Sending an eFax is much faster than sending a traditional fax. First, you won’t spend time walking to the fax machine. Typical fax machines also take time to warm up, and can sometimes be temperamental about working. 

eFax Is Secure

Faxes are a secure means to send information, but email hacks happen all the time. You don’t have to worry about security with eFax, however. eFax is not simply a different way to email a document. eFax uses a completely separate, private, and secure connection to send messages over the internet, offering the option to compress, encrypt, and password-protect your documents.

eFax Is A Green Choice

Fax machines use a lot of paper and toner since everything has to be in hard copy to fax and then it prints in hard copy on the other end. eFax is a much more environmentally friendly choice.

eFax Is Flexible

You can often get eFax services without any long term commitment. Many services offer month-to-month options, so you only pay for it while you’re using it.

eFax Is Fast And Easy

If you’re comfortable using email, there won’t be a learning curve for figuring out how to use eFax. There also aren’t any wires to run or special equipment to set up. The process is very fast and easy.

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